Room: Regency III/IV

Presenting Monday - Tuesday

Academy of Military Medicine, Academy of Military Sciences

1. Design and Implementation of Biodefense Database Based on PowerDesigner; Presented by Haibin M.

Arcis Biotechnology Ltd.

2. An Ultra-Fast, Simplified Sample-Prep Method for Tissue Samples: Integrated Sample Preparation and DNA Preservation Suitable for In-Field Use; Presented by Paul R.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

3. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Role in the Department of Homeland Security’s BioWatch Program; Presented by Lewis W.

List Biological Laboratories, Inc.

4. A Novel Substrate for Specific Detection of Anthrax Infection; Presented by Nancy S.


5. Biolayer Interferometry as a Biosensor-Based Immunoassay for Biothreat Agent Detection; Presented by Jeremy Z.


6. CBRNE Tech Index; Presented by Jeremy Z.

Northumbria University

7. xHALEscreen: An Exhaled Breath and Environment Aerosol Condensate Capture Platform for Molecular Bioanalytics in Biodefence; Presented by Pep C.

Pennsylvania State University

8. A Portable Platform for Label-Free Virus Enrichment and Fast/Accurate Virus Surveillance Using Raman Spectroscopy; Presented by Yin-Ting Y.

Sandia National Laboratories

9. Automated Recognition of Dual Use Publications; Presented by Jacob C.

Sandia National Laboratories

10. Anti-CRISPR Based Platform for Rapid Detection and Quantification of Cas9-RNP; Presented by Robert J.

United States Department of Agriculture

11. MinION 3rd Generation High Throughput Sequencing Used for Whole Genome and Barcoding Identification in Plant Pathogenic Genus Phytophthora; Presented by Gloria A.