Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 27th International

Biodetection Technologies

Biothreat and Pathogen Detection

June 17-18, 2019

The 27th International Biodetection Technologies: Biothreat and Pathogen Detection is an internationally recognized meeting for experts in detection & identification of biological threats. This conference will address the key topics in pathogen detection and present the latest R&D and technological innovation in ready-to-market systems. In addition, this meeting will focus on the latest strategies to overcoming the hurdles to the identification of global biological threats and translational gaps in bringing technologies from lab to field. This conference will feature stimulating discussions, perspectives of end users, high quality case studies and provides the opportunity to network with the leading experts in biodefense from around the globe.

This event is in conjunction with our 27th International Biodetection Technologies: Point-of-Care for Biodefense as well as our 8th Annual Biosurveillance Integration conference. Together, these events will provide three full days of programming around biodetection technologies and biosurveillance in both the field and the lab.

Preliminary Agenda

Rapid and Future Technologies for Biodetection

Harnessing Evolution: Designing Advanced Phage-Based Tools for Bacteria Detection

Sam Nugen, PhD, Associate Professor, Food & Biosystems Engineering, Department of Food Science, Cornell University

Targeted Enrichment Procedures for Pathogen Detection and Characterization in Clinical Specimens

Wiriya Rutvisuttinunt, PhD, Principal Investigator, Viral Diseases Branch, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Adapting New Technologies for the Molecular Diagnostics of High Consequence and Regulatory Plant Pathogens

Yazmin Rivera, PhD, Molecular Biologist, USDA-APHIS

Identification & Management of Emerging and Reemerging Pathogens

Diagnostics in Resource-Limited Environments - An Update from Our 2018 Trials

Chris Taitt, PhD, Research Biologist, United States Naval Research Laboratory

RIGEL: Analytical System for Known and Unknown Biothreat Assessment

Willy A. Valdivia-Granda, Founder and CEO, Orion Integrated Biosciences, Inc.

xMAP® Multiplex Detection: Getting beyond Detection to Include Built-In Confirmation, Characterization, and the Ability to Distinguish between Unanticipated Homologous Analytes

Eric Garber, PhD, Division of Bioanalytical Chemistry, Office of Regulatory Science, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA

The BioACER Project: Biological Automated Collector/Detector for Expeditionary Reconnaissance

R. Cory Bernhards, PhD, Research Microbiologist, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, RDECOM Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Advances in Nucleic Acid Technologies & Next-Generation Sequencing

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Efforts in Field-Forward DNA Sequencing

Lt. Nathanael Reynolds, Researcher, U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit

Field Use Case Studies

Mistaken Identity – Critique of Field Biodetection Technologies and Their Use Incidents that the FBI Laboratory Has Been Involved In

Cary A. Rue, PhD, Supervisory Microbiologist, FBI Laboratory

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