TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

SC2: Commercializing the Next Generation of Biodefense Tools and Technology

Instructor: Judy Nguyen, PhD, Head Scientist, Readiness Acceleration and Innovation Network

This course will discuss sample preparation technologies for detection, identification and analysis of biomedical, biological and chemical agents, biothreats in point-of-care, laboratory and field settings. It will review the novel and rapid technologies for sample preparation,application of analytical strategies and automation in biodetection.

This course will discuss the path to the commercialization of new technologies for biodefense. RAIN’s approach to R&D provides opportunity for collaborative technological development that is absent in more traditional research in non-university or government labs. Accelerating the path to commercialization is critical to developing medical and life science technologies that improve the quality of life for citizens and military personnel and enhance readiness at the regional and national level. This workshop will highlight the facilitation of collaborative development and demonstrate some of the cutting-edge technologies being developed.

Dr. Nguyen is a molecular biologist with an interest in developing detection methods for health- or environmentally-related targets. She previously worked to characterize a novel gene using mutational analysis and investigated previously uncharacterized behavior by glia cells in the nervous system. Dr. Nguyen works to expand the life sciences capabilities for the region and to provide scientific opportunities for students and military members and their families.

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